Conversation Starters

Welcome to our conversation space. Here you will find resources and videos to help kids discuss their feelings, questions, and thoughts related to the themes in each story.

Maddie and Mabel book cover standing up in front of Maddie and Mabel illustration.

Maddie and Mabel

Conversation Starter Topic(s): sibling relationships, managing conflict, imagination, play


Why do you think the girls got into a fight? How did they fix it? 

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your sibling or best friend? How did that make you feel?

What is the story of you and your siblings? If you don’t have a sibling, what is the story of you and your best friend?

What do you like to do with your siblings or your family?

Watch the Book Trailer for Maddie and Mabel
Maddie and Mabel book trailer (Kind World Publishing) by Kari Allen

The Struggle Bus book cover standing up in front of the struggle bus illustration

The Struggle Bus

Conversation Starter Topic(s): frustration, perseverance, social emotional learning


What is one thing that was hard for you today?

What feelings do you have when something is hard?

What happens in your body when something is hard?

What are three things you can do to help yourself feel better if you are upset?

What is one new thing you learned today?

How can you help someone else going through a hard time?

Watch the Book Trailer for The Struggle Bus
The Struggle Bus book trailer (Kind World Publishing) by Julie Koon

Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood book cover standing up in front of the Scary Fairy illustration holding mirrors

Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood

Conversation Starter Topic(s): managing conflict, making friends, learning from mistakes


Scary Fairy seems to get into a lot of trouble. Talk about a time you saw someone in trouble. Did you help the person? What did you do? How did things change after that?

At first, Scary Fairy didn’t fit in with the animal friends in Wicked Wood.  Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in?  Why did you feel that way? 

Sometimes things seem scarier than they really are. What is something you have been scared of that turned out to be not scary when you finally saw it or did it? When you’re afraid of something, what do you do to make yourself less afraid?

At the end of the story, Scary Fairy is leaving Wicked Wood and the animals are unhappy.  What would you do if your friend was moving? Write it down or draw a picture of what you would do. Have you ever had to move to a new place? What helped you feel more at home?

Free Downloadable Activities

Smiling African-American Boy Holding Planet

Kindness in Action: Simple Things You Can Do to Create a Kinder World

Meaningful change comes from many small steps. In that same spirit, we can do a lot to create a kinder world as part of our everyday lives. Here are some simple things you and the kids in your life can do to get started.

Car driving on a highway with mountains in the background

We’re Going on a Road Trip Game

A perfect game for testing memory and the imagination, especially as we’re not really going on any road trips lately. Our family loves this memory recall game from my own childhood. Try it out, even (and especially if) you’re not on an actual trip.

Mindfulness for Kids: Five Senses

Meditation and mindfulness help us
cultivate calm, kind brains — and it’s never
too early to start. But it’s a lot to ask of
youngsters to simply sit still and breathe!
Instead, this “active meditation” exercise
will teach kids to slow down as they connect
to their senses and surroundings.

Reese’s Read Out Louds

Reese reading I Wish You More (Chronicle Books) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal