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Five-year-old Viva learns there is a need for girls with powerful voices everywhere when she helps Papi raise his voice on the picket line.

Viva’s Papi is a bus driver and Viva loves going to work with him. The sounds of the traffic and the voices of the passengers are music to Viva’s ears. When she finds out that Papi’s union is going on strike, she convinces Papi to take her along to the picket line. When quiet Papi is too nervous to give his speech, Viva uses her powerful voice to give him the confidence to find his own. A first introduction to labor unions, strikes, picket lines, and workers’ rights, this powerful picture book is both educational and endearing.

Debut author Raquel Donoso has crafted a beautiful story about courage, family, and using your voice to help others. Viva’s story is based on Donoso’s own childhood experience, in which her father’s union went on strike.

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Book reviews:

“Inspiring and bold.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Energetic illustrations depict a vivacious young voice in an important and empowering role.”
— NYPL Best Books of 2022

“A Latinx girl with a big voice inspires her picketing father to use his at a rally for workers’ rights. Rambunctious Viva has had a mighty voice since she was born. She especially loves to greet her bus driver father’s customers as they enter the vehicle. But when he goes on strike for better pay and benefits, she can’t ride with him anymore. As Viva’s soft spoken father tries to step on the platform to make a speech, the brave girl stands alongside him and gives him a boost of courage. In this simple text, Donoso introduces readers to the concepts of workers’ rights, protest, and strikes through the eyes of a precocious little girl. The accessible narrative is complemented by vibrant, candy-colored illustrations. Viva has a vivacious personality; Vélez adeptly infuses her facial expressions with mischief and energy. She is constantly in motion, and the energy jumps off the page. The pictures present a bustling city full of life. When Viva accompanies her father to the picket line, she sees the workers and eye-catching signs and right away jumps into the fray, happily using her loud voice for good. Spanish words and phrases are sprinkled throughout. VERDICT This sweet and accessible primer on strikes is a solid choice for picture book collections.

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Raquel Donoso


Carlos Vélez


4 – 8 years

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9 x 9

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Kind World Publishing

Published Date

September 27, 2022