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At Kind World Publishing, we connect the world through stories—stories that express kids’ big feelings, big questions, and big dreams, stories that celebrate curiosity and build bridges. Our goal is to start conversations that create a kinder world.

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Maddie and Mabel

JLG Gold Standard Selection

Best Books of 2022, Kirkus Reviews

Best Books of 2022, Atlanta Parent Magazine

“A lovely easy reader about the power of family stories and the bond sisters share.”

— School Library Journal , Starred Review

“A real charmer.”

— Kirkus Reviews , Starred Review

“Throughout the amiable, episodic text, readers can see each girl’s point of view, and the expressive illustrations have their own breezy charm . . . An inviting, amusing series debut.”


“Maddie and Mabel play, fight, and make up with grace and charm in Kari Allen’s positive early reader about resolving conflicts and cherishing one’s family.”

—Foreword Reviews

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Slow Down

The effect of technology “saving us time” is one in which we (falsely) feel like we should be able to do more. But if we haven’t placed true value on the present moment, on rest, on reflection—then what is that extra time buying us? More work. More “productivity.” More pressure to do, rather than to…


The reality of coexistence surrounds us every day, in the most obvious ways. We love more than one person. We are each more than one thing.