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At Kind World Publishing, we connect the world through stories—stories that express kids’ big feelings, big questions, and big dreams, stories that celebrate curiosity and build bridges. Our goal is to start conversations that create a kinder world.

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Maddie and Mabel

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Maddie and Mabel Book Cover

“positive early reader”
– Foreword Reviews

“An inviting, amusing series debut”

The Struggle Bus

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The Struggle Bus Book Cover

Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood

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Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood Book Cover

“charming children’s fantasy stories”
Foreword Reviews, starred review

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Mental Health Awareness Month

The Struggle Bus. We’ve all been there. It’s a tough day, none of our choices seem to be right, we’re tired and frustrated and feel like we’re banging our heads against the wall. As adults, we have the capacity to express these emotions. Our children however, have to learn this skill.

Blank Slates

We don’t need entire days as a canvas—but we do need to start breaking the habit of reflexively filling free moments with things that aren’t our true mediums. It’s in those moments that we can reconnect with our own humanity.